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5 Remarkable GameFi DAO Projects of 2022

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DAO projects built on GameFi are competing with older technologies. Many projects put on the market come to the users with serious support. Let’s see what are the 5 remarkable GameFi DAO projects of 2022You can browse here for information about STEPN (GMT) coin.

5 Remarkable GameFi DAO Projects of 2022

Whether we’re talking about retro arcade games of the 1980s or immersive modern Metaverses like Alien Worlds and Decentraland. All of them have always been the lifeblood of games for gamers. However, until recently, the gaming industry has changed a lot.

We have listed 5 GameFi DAO projects that attracted attention in 2022…


An unforgettable name, GameDAO brings together gamers, content creators, GameFi investors and eSports organizations under one roof. In its ever-evolving ecosystem, participants can choose whether to crowdfund a new game, form guilds of battle-hardened players, or participate in lucrative tournaments.

GameDAO is built on the ZERO Network, a private multi-chain network designed to level the gaming industry.

ReadyPlayer DAO

Founded during the GameFi boom of summer 2021, Ready Player DAO (RPD) was launched after raising 1,000 ETH. RPD soon built its capital on a play-to-win ecosystem like Axie Infinity.

Having established a good strategy, the team grew rapidly. DAO game has expanded its web3 project portfolio, making equity investments in game studios, Metaverses and artist collectives.


The game was created by a blockchain community of gamers. It has invested in dozens of web3 games and NFT/GameFi platforms since its launch in July 2021. Meanwhile, its academics offer opportunities to pool resources and play/win in various game worlds.

Alpha Gaming DAO

Like Cerebral Gaming, Alpha Gaming DAO aims to expand the Metaverse and generate income through scholarships.


Built on Arbitrum, TreasureDAO is an extensive decentralized gaming and community network. It started life as an NFT platform before evolving into this network. Powered by the native MAGIC token, Treasure’s ecosystem consists of the original NFT marketplace, an AMM (MagicSwap) and Bridgeworld, a “strategic trading, trading and domination” game at the heart of the “Treasure Metaverse.” TreasureDAO has over 100,000 members.

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For information about blockchain games: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blockchain_game

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