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72 of Fortune 100 Companies İnvestigate Blockchain

by Financial Economy

According to a report released by The Block, 72 companies on the Fortune 100 list are already implementing blockchain technology or continuing their research.

While the whole world has seen increases in blockchain technology-based projects, the U.S. has the 10 most earners. After the cryptocurrency spree in 2017, several companies in the US decided to investigate blockchain systems, according to the news on the Blockchain Turkey platform. The news also included statements from IBM that blockchain technology has the potential to change entire industries, even the world.

According to The Block’s report, 42 percent of the 72 companies researching blockchain products have not yet passed the stage of discovering the technology. The report describes the phase of exploring the technology as when firms patent blockchain projects and join blockhain consortia. The remaining 58 per cent represent firms that are already involved in a pilot study or have blockchain applications.


Among Fortune 100 companies, the sectors that made the most use of blockchain technology were financial services, health care, energy and Technology, respectively. The most popular blockchain network, according to the report, is Hyperledger Fabric. This dominance of Hyperledger is based on the IBM Blockchain built on Hyperledger Fabric. Walmart’s and many other companies ‘ pilot efforts towards supply chain tracking can be cited as an example. Ethereum and Corda follow Hyperledger.

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