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Belgium Brussels Stock Exchange BEL20 Companies Shares

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Belgium Brussels Stock Exchance founded in early 1800s. Brussel Stock passed to its current format in 1990. BEL 20 is the reference stock market index of Euronext Brussels. In general, the index consists of a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 companies traded on the Brussels Stock Exchange. The Belgium Brussels Stock Exchange BEL20 companies share list is included in our content together with the sectors and share codes of the companies in question.

Belgium Brussels Stock Exchange BEL20 Companies Shares

Belgium Brussels Stock Exchange has an important place among the world stock markets. You can browse here for blockchain news. The companies, sectors and share codes traded in the BEL20 Index are as follows:

Company Company Sector Stock Code Weigth in Index When did it enter in BEL20?
Ackermans ve van Haaren Financial Services ACKB 2.41 March 2007
Aedifica Real Estate AED 2.16 March 2020
Ageas İnsurance AGS 6.30 March 1991
AB InBev Food and Drink ABI 13.67 February 2002
Aperam Basic Resources APAM 0.90 March 2017
arGEN-X Health Care ARGX 4.90 June 2018
Barco Industrial Products and Services BAR 1.37 March 2019
Cofinimmo Real Estate COFB 2.72 January 2003
Colruyt Retail COLR 2.54 January 1993
Galapagos Health Care GLPG 7.08 March 2016
GBL Financial Services GBLB 4.84 March 1991
ING Grubu Banks INGA 11.63 March 2016
KBC Banks KBC 9.77 January 1993
Proximus Telekommunication PROX 2.95 March 2004
Sofina Financial Services SOF 2.67 March 2017
Solvay Chemicals SOLB 4.25 March 1991
Telenet Grubu Media TNET 1.17 March 2009
UCB Health Care UCB 9.30 March 1991
Umicore Chemicals UMI 6.21 March 1991
WDP Real Estate WDP 3.15 March 2019

Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/quote/BEL20:IND

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