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Blockchain Games With The Most Active Users May Statistics Announced

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Blockchain-based games are appealing to wider audiences every day. The most played Blockchain-based games last month were announced. You can browse here for information about Decentraland (MANA) coin.

Blockchain-Based Games Statistics for May

While Alien Worlds, which is at the top of the list, pushed the level of 1 million users, the total number of players in the 10 games on the list approached 3 million. Among the blockchain-based games, AlienWorlds ($TLM) was the game with the highest number of active users in May, while Splinterlands ($SPS) took the second place with 510 thousand users and Farmers World ($FWW) took the third place with 268,000 users.

Among the Play to earn projects and the coins that appeal to both gamers and the crypto money market, the statistical data of the projects that reached the most players in May 2022 were announced. Here are the most played play to earn crypto money projects in May 2022.

Alien Worlds ($TLM)

AlienWorlds ($TLM) reached 935 thousand people last May and became the clear leader in this field. Alien Worlds NFT, one of the most popular blockchain games, draws attention with its social metaverse world. You can browse here for information about Alien Worlds ($TLM) coin.

Splinterlands ($SPS)

Splinterlands ($SPS) took the second place with the number of 510 thousand players reached in May. The popular blockchain powered trading card game Splinterlands offers its players the experience of trading and warfare together.

Farmers World ($FWW)

Ranking third in the statistics for May, Farmers World has been announced as 268 thousand times. Farmers World, the first farming game to run on the NFT platform, continues to make a name for itself.

Upland ($UPX)

Upland, which exceeded 261 thousand games in May, managed to take the fourth place in this field. The real-world metaverse world, powered by blockchain, linked to real-world addresses, is increasing the number of games every day.


With more than 153 thousand games, Mobox took the fifth place in May. With the world of metaverse called MOMOverse, the game has won the admiration of the masses. You can browse here for information about Mobox (MBOX) coin.

Crazy Defense Heroes ($TOWER)

Crazy Defense Heroes, one of the first games that comes to mind when it comes to “tower defense game” among the play to earn oriented crypto money projects, combines the world of blockchain and anime RPG style defense games. The number of times the Crazy Defense Heroes game was played in May was announced as 148 thousand.

Sunflower Land ($SFL)

With 134 thousand played times, Sunflower Land managed to be included in the list at the 7th place in May. Blockchain farming simulation game Sunflower Land is one of the successful projects of its genre.

Pegaxy ($PGX)

Pegaxy, one of the “racing house” projects of the Metaverse world, reached 128 thousand plays in May.

Thunder Protocol ($TT)

ThunderCore, also known as Thunder Protocol project Galaxy Blocks, took the 9th place with 118 thousand played times.


The number of played GMEE game, where Blockchain meets mobile game, was announced as 111 thousand.

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