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Cold war between the US and China has already started

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The conflict will shape this century: The transatlantic coordinator of the German government, Peter Beyer, looks with great concern at the trade war between Beijing and Washington. Cold war between the US and China has already started.

Cold war between the US and China has already started

Urgent words from the German government’s transatlantic coordinator: Peter Beyer (CDU) sees the relationship between the USA and China at the beginning of a cold war. The conflict between Beijing and Washington will “shape this still young century,” Beyer said in an interview with the AFP news agency. Regardless of who wins the US presidential election on November 3rd, Europe has to face this “mega-challenge in partnership with the US”.

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The challenger to US President Donald Trump, the Democrat Joe Biden, has also announced that he will “pursue a tough policy on China,” said Beyer.

The CDU politician called for a return to the “supposedly dusty transatlantic values”. First and foremost, he thinks of “freedom and democracy, peace and prosperity”. These are values ​​”which the Americans have brought to us Germans” and in the consciousness of which the “intensive and vital partnership with the USA” must be continued.

With regard to the value system, there is a decoupling from China. The “most obvious issues” are the “dictatorship” as a form of government, a lack of freedom of the press and human rights, digital surveillance and dealing with the Uighur minority and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

That is why greater unity within the EU is necessary. It annoys him that “we Europeans fail to appear united,” said Beyer. It is not about “remaining in a transatlantic nostalgia”. Rather, Europe must look beyond “what we can build on this set of values ​​- also with a view to system rivals China and Russia”.

Source: https://www.spiegel.de/

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