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Countries’ Gold Reserves 2021

by Financial Economy

Gold has been a symbol of wealth since ancient times. In archaeological excavations, it was determined that before the invention of money, raw gold was cut into strips and used as money in ancient Egyptians. Gold, which has been a symbol of power and wealth throughout history, has an important place in today’s economic order. Looking at those who have the most gold among the states that are currently ruling in the world; it will be seen that they are the most powerful states in military and political terms. How is the gold reserves 2021 ranking of countries, countries’ gold reserves 2021 is in the continuation of the article.

Countries’ Gold Reserves 2021! What does gold reserve mean?

Although the US dollar is accepted and used as a reserve currency globally, gold is the natural wealth and payment source that is accepted by almost everyone. Because gold, which is the easiest to process among precious metals, is easily stored and has a very long life. For this reason, it is the saving tool of both countries and individuals. Gold reserve refers to the amount of gold that countries hold. You can browse here for Country Ranking by Population 2021.

The United States ranks first with 8135 tons of gold, while Germany ranks second in the list of countries with the highest gold reserves. The gold reserve owned by Germany is 3372 tons. The “International Monetary Fund” IMF ranks 3rd in the list of countries with the most gold. The amount of gold reserves owned by the IMF is 2814 tons. Italy with 2451 tons of gold is in the fourth place in the list of countries with the most gold, and France is in the fifth place with 2436 tons of gold. Here is the list of countries with the most gold in the world in 2021.

  • USA – 8135 tons
  • Germany – 3372 tons
  • IMF – 2814 tons
  • Italy – 2451 tons
  • France – 2436 tons
  • Russia – 1890 tons
  • China – 1842 tons
  • Switzerland – 1040 tons
  • Japan – 756 tons
  • Netherlands – 612 tons
  • Turkey – 595 tons
  • India – 558 tons
  • European Central Bank – 504 tons
  • Taiwan – 423 tons
  • Portugal – 382 tons

For detailed: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold_reserve

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