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Epic Games Introduced Its First NFT Game to Users

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The demand for NFT and Metaverse games is increasing. Even big companies that have taken a big place in the traditional game industry are now shifting to the NFT and Metaverse industry. Companies that want to respond to users’ requests are approaching the game industry more innovatively. Epic Games, one of the strongest names in the gaming industry, introduced its first NFT game to its users You can browse here for information about Verasity (VRA) coin.

Epic Games Introduced Its First NFT Game to Users

Epic Games is a company that has been in the game industry for years. The American game manufacturer, whose roots date back to 1991, does not stop keeping up with today’s trends. He has now made his first attempt to transfer his experience in game making and development to the NFT field.

Epic Games has been one of the few major traditional game developers in the market to show a clear interest in NFTs. While the Tier 1 gaming company isn’t particularly aggressive in this area yet, it’s taking its first step boldly.

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has a pro-developer stance and thinks NFTs can be of great use in games. He also emphasizes that there is sufficient time and development opportunity for the sector.

Epic Games made a splash this week as it listed its first NFT games. Blankos Block Party is currently waiting for gamers on the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games and Blankos Block Party

Game studio Mythical Games first released Blankos Block Party in an open beta about two years ago. Mythical has since claimed that more than a million players have engaged with the game.

Today, Epic Games Store has added Blankos Block Party to its list of games, revealing the first Web3 and NFT-based game in its showcase.

We first saw Mythical’s vision for Blankos and Web3 games in general back in 2018, when the company completed a $16 million fundraising round. Until 2020, Blankos Block Party was in open beta. New partnerships have developed over the past two years, including artist partners like Deadmau5 and brand partners like Burberry. Now Epic Games has been able to list the game with the full version.

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