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Food traffic light comes in November

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The Federal Council created the legal framework for the Nutri-Score. The five-step guide is intended to help consumers eat healthily – but the introduction is voluntary. Food traffic light comes in November.

Food traffic light comes in November

Many foods in Germany are expected to have a food traffic light from November. The Federal Council has approved a law that creates the legal framework for the voluntary use of the so-called Nutri-Score. The labeling on the front of the pack of finished products is intended to make it easier for consumers to eat healthier.

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The system, which originated in France, offsets harmful ingredients such as sugar, fat, salt with recommended ones such as protein or fiber to a single total value: On a five-point scale from “A” on a dark green field for the best balance, through a yellow “C” to the red ” E “for the worst. The scale should also enable a comparison within a product group, for example of different mueslis or yoghurts.

In a representative survey by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2019, Nutri-Score prevailed against other models of food labeling. The respondents found it most understandable.

Products made from just one ingredient do not fare well with Nutri-Score

There is criticism, however, of the fact that certain positive ingredients are not included in the rating – such as omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins. This is why the Nutri-Score sometimes does not do justice to some products that only consist of one ingredient.

An example of this is olive oil. It would get a bad rating for its 100 percent fat content. It has beneficial, unsaturated fatty acids. However, they are not taken into account in the Nutri-Score and thus do not create an improvement in the calculation.

The first products with Nutri-Score can already be seen in stores. The new logo is intended to supplement the nutrition tables on the back of the pack. Consumer advocates welcome the Nutri-Score – in their opinion, the label should be introduced “uniformly and bindingly” across Europe. So far, labeling has been voluntary for companies.

Source: https://www.spiegel.de/

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