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Global Payments Giant Payoneer Enters Metaverse with Naver Z

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Payoneer, which was founded in the USA in 2005 by Yuval Tal and has grown globally in a short time, has a worldwide usage network. Payoneer, whose use has been restricted in some countries, still has millions of customers. Payoneer, which has signed an agreement with Naver Z, a subsidiary of South Korea-based Naver Corporation, will be used in ZEPETO, the global metaverse platform. As of mid-2022, Zepeto has more than 320 million users. Payoneer enters metaverse with Naver Z. You can browse here for information about “NFT games on Avalanche (AWAX) Network 2022”.

Global Payments Giant Payoneer Enters Metaverse with Naver Z

Naver Z, a subsidiary of South Korea-based search engine Naver, founded in 1999 by Lee Hae-jin, announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Payoneer to become a global payment service provider. Naver Z aims to bring the services of the global payment platform to ZEPETO, the global metaverse platform with over 320 million users.

Announcing that it has launched a $100 million fund for the metaverse project in early 2022, South Korean giant Naver Z is strengthening its project with a giant partner. While it was declared that the global payments giant Payoneer will be very important in the success and progress of the project, it was stated that the partnership will also provide a win-win opportunity for Payoneer.

Naver Z Started Project in June

Announcing that it has allocated funds for the metaverse at the beginning of 2022, Naver Z took action in June we left behind. In June, Naver Z and SoftBank teamed up to launch a store on the metaverse platform.

The store aims to provide “customer service” outside of working hours and to increase customer satisfaction. Customers who meet one-on-one with “real people” during working hours can receive uninterrupted (24 hours) support from a robot with artificial intelligence outside working hours.

What is Zepeto?

Zepeto started out as a 3D creator app, but has since been developed and continued. Many tools and features have been incorporated to make Zepeto a truly immersive project. After the agreement with Payoneer, global payment systems will also be a privileged feature to be found in Zepeto.

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