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GRIT Becomes Epic Games Store’s First NFT Game!

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Epic Games is starting to reap the benefits of not taking a stand against Web3-based NFT games compared to Steam. Wild west themed GRIT is Epic Games’ first NFT game. GRIT becomes Epic Games Store’s first NFT game. You can browse here for information about Decentraland (MANA) coin.

GRIT Becomes Epic Games Store’s First NFT Game!

For the “wild west” game enthusiasts who are the subject of songs and movies, GRIT is almost like a drug. GRIT, the ultimate wild west themed war game where there is more to winning and more than real aiming, also managed to be Epic Games’ first NFT game. According to Steam, which announced last year that it will not include Web3-based games on its platform, it has declared that it supports these games, and that there may be Web3-based games in the Epic Games Store. The first Web3-based NFT game was registered as GRIT on the Epic Games Store.

Will Steam or Epic Games Be Right?

Developed by Valve Corporation, Steam, the largest formation in its field in the world, was talked about a lot with its decision regarding Web3-based NFT games, which became a rising trend in 2021… Declaring that it was worried about the real world value of Web3-based, blockchain technology NFT games, Steam said that such it had declared that it would not include the games on his platform.

This decision of Steam, which has more than 1 billion users globally, was met with a reaction by developers and crypto currency formations that develop games with blockchain technology, produce NFT games, work on play to earn projects. Against the decision taken by Valve Corporation, 26 companies came together and published an “open letter” to annul the decision taken by the company. However, all these attempts did not pay off, and Valve Corporation did not back down from its decision not to publish NFT games on Steam.

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Epic Games Store, which is on the way to become the biggest competitor of Steam in the industry, announced that it will not ban NFT games, Web3-based games and play to earn projects on the condition of “complying with the law”. While this decision enabled the projects in question to turn to the Epic Games Store, Epic Games’ attitude began to bear its first fruits. Wild west themed GRIT has been released as the first NFT game of the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games has around 200 million users. Although this figure seems quite low compared to Steam, it is huge for the blockchain and NFT market. Time will tell whether a synergy can be achieved from the combination of Epic Games and blockchain technology-based games that will prevent Steam.

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