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How much will the Italian minimum wage be for 2021 and 2022?

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There is not a single minimum wage applied for all sectors in Italy. Sectoral minimum wages are determined on an hourly basis by meeting on a common denominator between employee and employer federations under state control. In addition, different wages can be observed from city to city. The minimum salary applied in 2020 for the agricultural sector, where the lowest salaries are paid in Italy, is 874.65 Euros per month. The minimum wages applied in other sectors are slightly higher. With the increase to be made next year, the minimum wage to be applied in the agricultural sector will exceed 900 Euros. How much will the Italian minimum wage be for 2021 and 2022 and how much raise will be made, are included in our content.

How much is Italy Net Minimum Salaries by Sector?

Italy, one of the weakest economically among the European Union countries, stands out especially with its high public external debt. It can be observed that salaries are lower in Italy compared to EU countries. The lowest salaries applied in Italy are as follows for 2020 by sector. You can browse here for Netherlands Minimum Wage 2021 and 2022.

  • Agriculture Sector 874,65 Euros (minimum 950 Euros for Rome)
  • Service Sector 910 Euros (minimum 1000 Euros for Rome)
  • Industry (Industry Sector) 940 Euros (1030 Euros for Rome)

The minimum salary applied in the country also varies considerably from region to region. Salaries are higher in the northern parts of Italy, while salaries are lower in the southern parts. However, parallel to this situation, rents in the north of Italy are much higher than in the south.

How much will the Italian minimum wage be for 2021 and 2022?

Italy was among the countries most affected by the Covid-19 outbreak in Europe. Coronavirus claimed tens of thousands of lives in the country, especially in the Lombardy Region. The Covid-19 epidemic also caused the Italian economy to shrink, which was not in good condition. It is predicted that the country’s economy will contract more than 8 percent in real terms in 2020. However, the minimum wages are expected to increase by an average of 5.9 percent in 2021 and about 6 percent in 2022. The monthly figures for the Italian minimum wage, which will emerge with the increase in question, will be approximately as follows:

For the year 2021

  • Agriculture Sector 926 Euros (minimum 1007 Euros for Rome)
  • Service Sector 965 Euro (minimum 1060 Euro for Rome)
  • Industry (Industry Sector) 1000 Euro (1100 Euro for Rome)

For the year 2022

  • Agriculture Sector 983 Euro (minimum 1070 Euro for Rome)
  • Service Sector 1005 Euros (minimum 1125 Euros for Rome)
  • Industry (Industry Sector) 1060 Euros (1170 Euros for Rome)

How Much Is The Average Salary in Italy?

Average salaries in Italy are around 1200 Euros across the country. The city with the highest average salary is Rome, the capital city with 1500 Euros. Average salaries across Italy are expected to rise to 1350 Euros in 2022, and around 1700 Euros for Rome and other major cities.

How much are Italy house rents and prices?

Economic conditions in Italy seem weaker when compared to other major European countries. Because the house rents in Rome are at the level of 1000 Euros. For this reason, families that pay rent must have more than one employee or work in a relatively high-income job. It can be said that prices are relatively more affordable, especially for house rents in small cities and especially in Southern Italy.

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