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How to Check Dollar Banknote?

by Financial Economy

The US dollar is the first currency that comes to mind when it comes to “reserve money” in the world. The US dollar, which is at the first step of the world reserve currency list, is well ahead of its closest competitor Euro (22 percent) with a usage rate of 59 percent in this field. In addition, it is known that there are over $ 1 trillion banknotes in circulation in the world, and more than 2 out of 3 of them are outside the USA. So how can counterfeiting be prevented in such a heavily used currency? How to check dollar banknote with serial number?

How to Check Dollar Banknote With Serial Number?

Querying US Dollars is not possible with a serial number. Such a service is not provided by the American Central Bank FED. The link to the relevant article on the FED official website that we used while preparing this article is available in the bibliography section at the end of our content. As can be seen here, there is no query for USD Serial Number, but instead there are security elements that can be considered. U.S. Dollar Banknotes in Circulation 2020

How to Understand Fake Dollars?

Security measures in the US dollar have been strengthened from year to year. So much so that these measures were taken to the maximum level in the new $ 100 banknotes that entered circulation in 2013. The letters “A, B, C, D and E” on the latest edition of the $ 100 bill with the image below indicate the security points and what to pay attention to in these security points. The US dollar security stages are detailed below. Sacagawea Dollar Coin! Who Was Sacagawea?

Dollar Security Features

There are many security features on the US dollar bill. While most of these are not shared with the public, fake dollar / real dollar distinction can be made from the features given below.

A: Security Thread: On the left of the Benjamin Franklin portrait, you can see the embedded hidden particle lying vertically with small movements. The thread is printed with the letters “USA” and the number “100” in an alternate pattern. It can be seen from both sides of the banknote. When illuminated by ultraviolet light, the thread glows pink.

B: 3-D Security Ribbon: Tilt the banknote back and forth while focusing on the blue strip. You will see that the cymbals change to 100s as they move. When you tilt the banknote back and forth, the bells and 100’s move side by side. If you tilt them side to side, they move up and down. The ribbon is woven into paper that has not been printed on.

C: Bell in the Inkwell: Tilt the banknote to see the color changing bell on the copper inkwell changes from copper to green; This is an effect that makes the cymbal appear and disappear in the inkwell.

D: Watermark: When you hold the banknote towards the light, there is a faded image of Benjamin Franklin in the space to the right of the portrait. The image can be seen from both sides of the note.

E: Color-Shifting Ink: Tilt the note to see that the number 100 in the lower right corner of the front of the bill changes from copper to green.


How to Check Dollar Banknote Bill for Source: https://www.federalreserve.gov/


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