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Information about Afyon Çimento San. T.A.Ş! Stock market code: AFYON

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Afyon Cement Factory started production in 1957 with the commissioning of a wet system kiln with a capacity of 85 thousand tons. With the conversion of the kiln to a semi-wet system in 1965, the clinker production capacity increased to 160 thousand tons. Detailed information about Afyon Çimento San. T.A.Ş is in rest of the article. You can browse here for information about Borsa Istanbul (BIST).

Information about Afyon Çimento San. T.A.Ş! Whose Afyon Çimento Fabrikası is?

Afyon Cement Factory started production in 1957. The second furnace, which was established as a semi-wet system in 1966, was commissioned and the production capacity of the factory increased to 400 thousand tons.

Afyon Çimento Sanayi T. A. Ş., which was purchased by Çimsa in 2012 from PARCIB S.A.S, a company of the Italcementi Group, has been continuing its activities as a subsidiary of Çimsa since this date.

In 2014, it was decided to re-establish the Afyon Cement Factory by making a modernization investment with a budget of 170 million USD. Afyon Cement Factory’s new production facility, equipped with modern technologies, was established in Halımoru Village of Afyon with a capacity of 1,500,000 tons/clinker.

In 2017, Afyon Cement Factory moved to its newly built, modern and environmentally friendly campus with up-to-date cement production technology. After the new factory became operational, the old factory was terminated.

With the investment made, a new factory campus was established in Halimoru Village, on Çimsa’s existing raw material quarry, 15 km from the city center in Afyon. As a result of the investment, the clinker capacity of Afyon Cement Factory increased from 500 thousand tons to 1.5 million tons.

Afyon Çimento San. T.A.Ş. stock market information!

Afyon Cement is among Borsa Istanbul Yıldız Market shares. The exchange code is AFYON. AFYON is traded in the BIST 100 index. The company’s share in actual circulation in the stock market is 48.57 percent.

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