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Information about Selçuk Ecza Deposu! (Exchange code: SELEC)

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Selçuk Ecza Deposu Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş was established on October 10, 1958 as a collective company in Konya. In the early days, it was a local warehouse that only distributed drugs to Konya and its districts. With the innovations it has made in the field of distribution, it has expanded its customer profile by adding new ones to the list of pharmacists and distribution points it serves every year, starting from the first year. Detailed information about Selçuk Ecza Deposu is in the continuation of article. You can browse here for information about Borsa Istanbul (BIST).

Information about Selçuk Ecza Deposu!

In 1958, the number of pharmaceutical warehouses operating throughout Turkey was 35, and the total number of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies was 50. Selcuk Pharmaceutical Warehouse, which started its activities in this period, grew in a short time. He started taking orders over the phone in 1960.

Selcuk Pharmaceutical Warehouse started to expand its service to Adapazarı, Eskişehir, Afyon in the West, Antalya, Isparta, Burdur in the South and Adana, Gaziantep and Mersin in the Southeast in 1970. The company title was changed to “Joint Stock Company”. Electronic and mechanical invoice and accounting machines started to be used in Selçuk Ecza Deposu, which is a follower of innovations.

In 1987, the AKSEL group, which also includes Selçuk Ecza Deposu, launched AS Ecza Deposu as its second distribution channel. In 2006, Selçuk Ecza Deposu became the first Turkish pharmaceutical warehouse to be traded on the IMKB (currently BIST), by making 20 percent of its shares public on April 26, 2006. Selcuk Pharmaceutical Warehouse ranked 58th across Turkey in the field of Corporate Tax in the same year, and ranked first in its sector as the company that pays the most taxes.

Selcuk Pharmaceutical Warehouse stock market information!

Selçuk Ecza Deposu Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş is listed on Borsa Istanbul Yıldız Market. The company is included in the BIST 50 index. The stock code of Selçuk Ecza Deposu is SELEC. The share of the company’s shares in actual circulation is 14.9%.

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