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Liberal De Croo becomes Belgium’s new head of government

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In Belgium, seven parties finally agreed to work together 16 months after the parliamentary elections. The Flemish Liberal Alexander De Croo is slated to be Prime Minister. Liberal De Croo becomes Belgium’s new head of government.

Liberal De Croo becomes Belgium’s new head of government

The search for a coalition and a government in Belgium dragged on for an excruciatingly long time – now there is finally a solution: Sixteen months after the parliamentary elections in Belgium, seven parties have agreed on cooperation and a new head of government. The Flemish liberal and former finance minister Alexander De Croo is to inherit the executive prime minister Sophie Wilmès. The inauguration will take place on Thursday morning.

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The seven parties include the Social Democrats, Liberals and Greens, each in two versions – Flemish and French-speaking. Then there are the Flemish Christian Democrats. The agreement had emerged in the past few weeks, based on the “Four Seasons” of the baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi, the structure was named Vivaldi Coalition.

Minority government in office since 2019

The two largest parties in Flanders are not part of the government: the national-conservative N-VA and the right-wing extremist Vlaams Belang. The formation of a government by the N-VA together with the largest party in southern Belgium, the French-speaking Socialists, had finally failed in August.

Since December 2018, a minority government was only executive in office. The previous coalition with the participation of the N-VA broke up five months before the end of the legislative period in the dispute over migration policy.

In the parliamentary elections in May 2019, the two parts of the country then moved further apart politically: In the Flemish north, the N-VA remained the strongest force, but lost many votes to the right-wing extremists. In the French-speaking south, the socialists won, and the communists did well there. In the capital region of Brussels, the Greens also became the strongest force.

The Vlaams Belang had already called for demonstrations against the emerging Vivaldi coalition at the weekend. Thousands of right-wing extremist supporters gathered in a parking lot in the north of Brussels on Sunday. The N-VA also criticizes the Vivaldi Alliance as “too left” and “anti-Flemish”.

Source: https://www.spiegel.de/

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