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Metaverse Game in partnership with The Sandbox and Playboy Meta Mansions

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Metaverse and crypto game platform The Sandbox continue its initiatives and development at full speed. The Sandbox, which recently organized The Sandbox VoxJam Series in Istanbul, continues to operate globally and sign great partnerships. The Sandbox, which signed an important agreement with the Korean banking institution KEB Hana Bank last week, also shook hands with Playboy on the metaverse game Meta Mansions. You can check out here for information about Splinterlands (SPS) coin.

Sequence Deals from The Sandbox

Leading metaverse and gaming platform The Sandbox announced two major deals Monday with Playboy and Korean banking institution KEB Hana Bank. Korean bank KEB Hana Bank chose Sandbox to enter the metaverse world. Playboy, who wanted to create a Meta Mansion in the Metaverse world, also preferred The Sandbox.

The Sandbox and Playboy Collaboration

In October 2021, the Rabbitars NFT project, consisting of 11,953 rabbit avatars, was announced. Avatars, which sold for an average of $800 each, were completely sold out in less than 3 minutes. Playboy, who wants to increase its effectiveness in WEB 3, wants to settle permanently in the metaverse world with The Sandbox.

Collaborating with The Sandbox in the field of metaverse game, lifestyle style, entertainment platform, social events and digital collection, Playboy aims to use blockchain technology more effectively and adapt to the changing / transforming world.

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The Sandbox Shakes Hands with KEB Hana Bank in Finance

The Sandbox made another important deal with KEB Hana Bank this week. KEB Hana Bank, one of the most important commercial banks in South Korea, stepped into the metaverse world with Web 3 technology through The Sanbox.

KEB Hana Bank Vice President Jung Kim, who made a statement on the subject, stated that they wanted to be in the metaverse world, which is the way people experience Web 3, and they took a step towards this with The Sandbox. KEB Hana Bank Vice President Jung Kim stated that they believe they will reach younger generations more easily with this partnership.

Making a statement about the agreement between The Sandbox and KEB Hana Bank, Sandbox Korea CEO Cindy Lee stated that an easy-to-use banking service for users will be possible with the metaverse and stated that they are extremely pleased with the partnership established with KEB Hana Bank.

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