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More money must also be possible in Corona times

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More money must also be possible in Corona times. Despite the corona crisis, the unions have negotiated a decent wage increase for the public sector in Germany. The fact that nurses get significantly more than others shows that the system works.

More money must also be possible in Corona times

Under normal circumstances, one would have said it was an unspectacular collective bargaining round in the public sector: concluded after a few warning strikes and within the three planned rounds of negotiations. With very clear nuisances for the citizens, without the failure of the talks, without a strike vote, without real strikes, without arbitration. With a result that can be understood as a compromise in the best sense of the word.

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For those employed in the low wage groups, salaries will rise by 4.5 percent in the next two years and by 3.2 percent in the highest wage groups. For nursing staff, salaries rise by 8.7 percent up to ten percent at the top for intensive care workers. This is not just a thank you to the so-called heroes of everyday life, but also the knowledge of employers that the blatant shortage of workers in this area can only be eliminated through better working conditions. And that includes the wages to a large extent. Apprentices and interns also receive a little more money.

Part of the compromise, however, is that the 175,000 or so employees of the savings banks, which are battered by low interest rates, will have lower wage increases than other public sector employees. An emergency collective agreement is being negotiated for the employees of the airports that are threatened in their existence, which is intended to reduce personnel costs and at the same time exclude redundancies for operational reasons.

The collective agreement works. Employers and trade unions have thus proven that under his roof they can also differentiate between professional groups and different requirements. Under normal circumstances, that would be the only message from this agreement.

Source: https://www.spiegel.de/

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