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Most- Trade GameFi Coins by Top 100 Whales This Week

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The GameFi project coins, favored by “whales”, who have an important place in the crypto world with their large portfolios, are turned into statistical data by Whalestats. This week, the crypto game project coins that whales buy and sell the most are included in our content. You can check out here for information about Apecoin (APE).

Most- Trade GameFi Coins by Top 100 Whales This Week

Individuals and institutions (usually individuals) who hold large amounts of any investment instrument in money markets are called “whales”. With their large portfolios, whales can cause large fluctuations in the investment instruments they trade.

Especially in the crypto money markets, while the tokens that whales enter can record sudden increases, cryptocurrencies from which whales exit can also experience sharp decreases. Cryptocurrencies traded by more than one whale gain massive “volume”. In money markets, “volume” is generally evaluated as “positive”. In our content, the coins that are the GameFi project and the top 100 whales traded this week have been compiled.

GameFi Tokens That Whale Interested On A Weekly Basis

The coins with crypto game projects and the most traded coins by the top 100 whales as of the last week of July 2022 are listed by the Whalestats platform. The GameFi tokens listed below are shared for the purpose of “notifying” only. It certainly does not contain investment advice.

ApeCoin ($APE): ApeCoin one of the ERC-20 based decentralized projects at the forefront of Web3. In Ape Coin, where whales have been the most popular in the last week, each buy and sell transaction was measured as an average of 10,060 APE and $62,736.

The Sandbox ($SAND): Offering a virtual game world where players can create, own and monetize their gaming experiences, The Sandbox was bought and sold by whales last week for an average of 15,122 units and $62,736 in each transaction. In dollar terms, ApeCoin and The Sandbox shared the top in weekly statistics.

Axie Infinity ($AXS): With an average of 884 trades per trade on a weekly basis, AXS reached an average volume of $14.662 per trade.

Enjin ($ENJ): Whales traded an average of 17,110 ENJ trades per trade, corresponding to $10,778 per trade. You can browse here for information about Enjin (ENJ) coin.

Gala Games ($GALA): Volume was $7,951 per trade during the week with an average of 134,516 GALAs traded in each trade.

Ultra ($UOS): Whales traded an average of 3,953 UOS in each transaction, corresponding to $1,387 per trade.

Decentraland ($MANA): Volume per trade corresponded to $1,166 per week with an average of 1,200 MANA traded in each trade.

Render Network ($RNDR): For the Render Token, whales made an average of 402 buy-sell transactions in each transaction in a 1-week period. The corresponding volume was $266 per transaction.

Caution: The information contained in this content is for general informational purposes only. It is not investment advice.

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