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One of the Most Valuable Metals in the World: Osmium

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One of the most valuable metals in the world: Osmium… Osmium is among the 10 most valuable metals in the world. The symbol for osmium is Os, the atomic number is 76, and the atomic weight is 190.23 akb. The boiling point of osmium is 5027.0 degrees Celsius and its melting point is 3045.0 degrees Celsius. Osmium element is found in nature generally with platinum. Detailed information about osmium is in the rest of the article. You can browse her for 20 Year Silver Chart and 2021 Silver Forecast.

What is Osmium and Where is It Used?

Osmium metal is generally found in nature with platinum metal. Known as the heaviest density metal found in nature, the specific gravity of osmium is approximately 22.6 g / cm³. Osmium was discovered by Smithson Tenant in the early 1800’s. Osmium is an element that is rarely found in platinum deposits and improves the quality of platinum deposits. In addition to being resistant to oxidation and corrosion, osmium is included in the group of precious metals due to its rarity in nature.

Osmium’s oxide form osmium tetraoxide (Os04) is used in fingerprint detection and textile dyeing. Osmium alloys are used in electrical contacts, fountain pen nibs, and other areas that require good sensitivity and hardness. Osmium tetraoxide is a toxic substance. While osmium is in metallic form, it is bright and brittle even at high temperatures. In addition, it is easier to obtain the powder form of osmium, but besides, osmium in powder form forms osmium tetraoxide when it comes into contact with air, which is highly toxic. Since the oxide component of osmium is toxic, it is rarely used. Osmium is widely used in the production of very hard alloys with other metals.

Osmium can be used to repair biological membranes because it is a strong oxidant and, thanks to this feature, it retains oils. Osmium is also used in staining fatty tissue preparations for microscopic examination. In medicine, 90 percent platinum 10 percent osmium alloy is used in surgical prostheses.

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