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Play to Earn Cryptocurrency With The Most Holders

by Financial Economy

Play to earn game projects, developed on the basis of blockchain, are among the trends of recent years. Many game and crypto lovers can have the opportunity to earn tokens while playing games. Since there are hundreds of P2E projects in the cryptocurrency market, it can be difficult to choose between the games in question. At this point, one of the data that will help the players is the number of “holders” or “hodlers” in crypto market jargon. In our content, as of September 2022, the productions with the most hodlers in the blockchain-based play-to-earn game projects are listed. You can browse here for information about STEPN (GMT) coin.

Play to Earn Cryptocurrency With The Most Holders

*The list below shows the number of hodlers of P2E tokens. It has been prepared for the purpose of “notifying”. It certainly does not contain investment advice.

The P2E 20 crypto game focused tokens with the highest number of hodlers are as follows:

STEPN – ($GMT) – With approximately 750,000 hodlers, STEPN ranks first in this field.

CryptoBlades – ($SKILL) – CryptoBlades is 2nd on the list with 723k hodlers.

Bomb Crypto – ($BCOIN) – Bomb Crypto, hodled by 657 thousand people, has found its place in the top 3.

Radio Caca – ($RACA) – Popular with many investors, Radio Caca is at the 4th step of the list with 462 thousand hodlers.

YooShi – ($YOOSHI) – YooShi, which was hosted by 436 thousand people, is in the top 5.

FLOKI – ($FLOKI) – FLOKI is in the 6th place of the list with 335 thousand hodlers.

Decentraland – ($MANA) – The famous project Decentraland has 295 thousand people in the number of hodlers.

Ariva Wonderland – ($ARV) – Ariva is 8th on the list with a hodler audience of 225,000.

Dragonary – ($CYT) – Dragonary, which has 205 thousand hodlers, is the 9th among the play to earn projects in this field.

MOBOX – ($MBOX) – One of the famous projects, MOBOX is in the top 10 with its hodler team of 197 thousand people.

MyDefiPet – ($DPET) – MyDefiPet has about 184k hodlers.

Enjin – ($ENJ) – Enjin with 182k hodler is at the 12th position of the list.

Catecoin – ($CATE) – Catecoin’s hodler number is approximately 179 thousand people, which attracts attention with the Rise of Cats game and being the first cat coin of the crypto money market.

The Sandbox – ($SAND) – The Sandbox, which is famous for the number of hodlers with approximately 164 thousand people, is 14th in the list.

Gala Games – ($GALA) – Gala Games has 157 thousand hodlers.

Sunflower Land – ($SFL) – Sunflower Land has 149,000 hodlers.

Axie Infinity – ($AXS) – One of the famous projects, the number of Axie Infinity hodlers has exceeded 135 thousand people.

RichQuack – ($QUACK) – RichQuack is 18th on the list with hodlers around 127 thousand people.

Space Crypto – ($SPG) – Space Crypto has around 120,000 hodlers.

Galaxy Heroes – ($GHC) – Galaxy Heroes is at the 20th step of the list with a hodler team of 117,000 people.

X World Games – ($XWG) – X World Games with 112 thousand hodlers can also be included in the list.

Thetan Arena – ($THG) – Among the play to earn projects that exceeded the 100 thousand threshold in the number of Hodlers is Thetan Arena. The number of Hodler is 110 thousand people.

Caution: The information contained in this content is for general informational purposes only. It is not investment advice.

For information about blockchain games: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blockchain_game

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