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Starbucks Coffee Themed NFT Collection Releases

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US-based coffee giant Starbucks is preparing to step into the Web 3 world. The entry of gigantic companies around the world one after another into the world of the metaverse and their NFT collections trigger other companies in this direction. Starbucks, the global coffee giant, also announced that it will release a coffee-themed NFT collection. It is stated that with the Web3 initiative to be announced next month, Starbucks will offer special rewards to NFT owners. You can browse here for information about “NFT games on Avalanche (AWAX) Network 2022”.

Starbucks Coffee-Themed NFT Collection Launches Next Month

In the statement made by Starbucks in May, it was announced to the public that an NFT collection is planned to be released this year. Stating that the NFT collection in question will be the backbone of the digital community they want to create in the future, the company did not give a date for the release of the NFT collection. In the latest statement from the company, it was stated that the NFT collection will be released in September.

Howard Schultz, the interim CEO of the company, who made public statements regarding the second quarter financial results of Starbucks, announced that they plan to hold the Investor Day on September 13, 2022. Interim CEO Howard Schultz, who stated that they will also share important developments regarding the NFT collection with the public at the Investor Day, stated that their NFT will be “a very exciting new digital venture focused entirely on coffee and customer loyalty.”

Stating that “NFTs will be integrated with Starbucks Rewards, the company’s loyalty program,” Schultz underlined that Starbucks has taken important steps to create its future digital community. This situation caused to comments that the company will use the metaverse world and blockchain technology more effectively in the future.

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