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STEPN and GigaSpace Join Forces for Metaverse!

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The crypto world knows the STEPN project closely. However, the application that adds energy to life is mostly known by individual users. This project has now signed with a large company, GigaSpace. STEPN, which has managed to show itself in the field of move to earn, joins forces with GigaSpace for the metaverse. You can browse here for information about STEPN (GMT) coin.

STEPN and GigaSpace Join Forces for Metaverse

Even if it is not the inventor of the Move-to-Earn system, STEPN, which has managed to show itself in this field, is stepping into a new partnership. A new one was added next to the logic of play-win, learn-win or win-win. The move-win model made the most of STEPN. In the new game order, users are now able to earn something. Previously, these possibilities were limited.

Now everything has gone beyond playing. Especially with the introduction of crypto assets into our lives, we have been able to consolidate these concepts more easily. The game industry, on the other hand, quickly adapted to this development. We can say that STEPN is a kind of application or game that earns as you move. The team is now partnering with GigaSpace to gain greater influence on the Metaverse.

GigaSpace announced that they have formed a strategic partnership to build a virtual STEPN city in the metadatabase. New metadata repository GigaSpace shared that they will have an important partnership with win-win fitness app STEPN to build a virtual STEPN City for their community.

Sharing the same vision as STEPN and building a bridge connecting Web2 and Web3, GigaSpace is considering this partnership broadly. It is building a virtual world designed not only for Web3.0, but also for Web2.0 companies that want to switch to Web3.0.

Virtual STEPN City features!

The city to be built will be a sports-themed venue that includes buildings and facilities such as stadiums, shopping malls and community space, where they can purchase STEPN products, initiate community events, and interact with each other in a meaningful way. It is estimated that the project, which is planned to be very comprehensive, will be liked by the users a lot with the realization of the project.

Virtual City is currently under development. GigaSpace will be phased out after alpha launch. The aim of this partnership is to provide a virtual space where fans from all over the world can easily gather, not limited by geo-blocks.

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For information about blockchain games: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blockchain_game

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