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The 15 Biggest Investors in the Metaverse World

by Financial Economy

While Metaverse continues to rapidly increase its awareness all over the world, it has also attracted the attention of large investors globally. From former Facebook new Meta owner Mark Zuckerberg to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney to Blockade Games CEO Marguerite DeCourcelle, we have the list of the biggest investors in Metaverse in our content. You can browse here for information abou Phantasma (SOUL) coin.

The 15 Biggest Investors in the Metaverse World

The 15 most famous “players” who have invested heavily in blockchain technology and the metaverse are listed in our content.

1- Mark Zuckerberg

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Last year, Facebook, one of the world’s most recognizable brands, changed its name to Meta Platforms and said it plans to spend more than $10 billion preparing for Metaverse.

2- Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. In January of this year, the company announced that it would acquire massive video game developer and publisher Activision Blizzard to gain a foothold in the Metaverse.

3- Marguerite DeCourcelle

Blockade Games CEO Marguerite DeCourcelle. DeCourcelle’s first game for the studio, the play-to-play role-playing game Neon District allows players to earn and purchase NFT items.

4- Ari Meilich ve Esteban Ordano

Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano Co-Founders of Decentraland. According to the founding partners; “If there was a company designed for the future Metaverse, it would certainly be Decentraland poised to become one of the leading developers of Metaverse.” As you can see, the partners are extremely ambitious.

5- David Baszucki

Roblox Founder and CEO. With over 40 million daily users and millions of developers creating these virtual reality worlds for gamers, Roblox is one of the first investors in the Metaverse world.

6- Sarojini McKenna

AlienWorlds Co-Founder Sarojini McKenna. Alien Worlds, powered by Ethereum, WAX and Binance Smart Chain blockchain, has a Metaverse world spanning seven planets.

7- Tim Sweeney

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games. When Epic Games announced a $1 billion funding round last year to support the company’s long-term vision for Metaverse, it put the company’s valuation at $28.7 billion.

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8- John Riccitiello

Unity CEO John Riccitiello. Riccitiello’s goal is to make extensive use of Unity’s technology for analytics and monetization on the Metaverse. Unity’s tools have developed nearly 70% of the top 1,000 mobile games.

9- Carolina Arguelles

Carolina Arguelles, Global AR Product Strategist and Product Marketing Leader, Snap Inc. Ms. Arguelles is Snap’s team leader for AR, image search, computer vision technologies, the AR creative ecosystem, business augmented reality offerings, and camera developer SDKs.

10- Snoop Dog

World famous Hip Hop artist Snoop Dog. Yes, we are talking about the Snoop Dog you know. Snoop Dogg stepped into the Metaverse with Death Row Records. With the use of NFTs and virtual reality, Snoop plans to turn Death Row into the first music label fully integrated into the Metaverse.

11- RJ Pittman

RJ Pittman, Chairman and CEO of Matterport. Pittman, CEO of Matterport, which collaborates with Meta, has acquired Enview, a company that develops Artificial Intelligence for 3D spatial data analysis through object recognition and feature extraction.

12- Max Kantelia

Zilliqa Co-Founder Max Kantelia. Kantelia is currently growing the Zilliqa ecosystem to create and grow a Metaverse for the rapidly growing NFT space focused on creating digital products for luxury brands and all things automotive.

13- Luis Carranza

Luis Carranza, CEO of FayreLabs. Fayre Labs offers opportunities in its long-term roadmaps, especially Spanish and Portuguese Metaverse projects.

14- Jensen Huang

Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA Corp. Huang creates NVIDIA’s Omniverse in the Metaverse world, which is currently in beta. NVIDIA Omniverse is designed as a platform that makes it easy to accelerate workflows and collaborate in real time.

15- Cathy Hackl

Cathy Hackl, Founder and CEO of Futures Intelligence Group. Who is the godmother of the metaverse world? Yes, this question may sound interesting to you, but there is a name called “the godmother of the Metaverse”: Cathy Hackl; A technology futurist and business executive with deep experience working in Metaverse-related fields with companies like HTC VIVE and Magic Leap, she is known as the godmother of Metaverse.

Caution: The information contained in this content is for general informational purposes only. It is not investment advice.

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