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The Highest Referral Code of Binance (Up to 40% Commission Discount)

by Financial Economy

The new members of Binance can use the EWSN8BUS code which provides the highest commission code.

If you would like to invest in crypto money, you will be able to register here with the most reliable and user-friendly mobile application that can be accessed at any time, with the highest diversity of crypto money, with the referral code link of Binance https://accounts.binance.com/en/register?ref=EWSN8BUS here.

What is Binance Referral Code? What Does It Do?

The biggest gain of the exchange of crypt money is a commission of the buy-sell transactions that the members make. Binance takes the commission of 1 per 1000 from standard users. If we explain it with an example when you buy and sell 1.000$, you make 2 transactions in total you pay 2$ commission.

Despite that, if you buy at least 10$ in BNB coins after signing up from the 20% referral code link that we shared with you above, you will pay 40% less commission in total.

  • In the example, you paid 2$ commission. The commission will decrease to 1.2$ when you sign up with the referral code. Even the 0.80$ gain looks less if you do that for a lifetime in every transaction and if you do not sign up with the referral code, your loss will be too much.

Can I Add Referral Code After I Sing Up to Binance?

It is not possible to add a referral code after you sign up to Binance. For this reason, you need to add the referral code during sign-up to Binance.

Pinpoint Information about Binance

After Binance.com was launched in 2017, the referral system, user-friendly mobile application, the speed of the crypto money transaction, and easy deposit and withdrawal were reasons why Binance has grown fast.

As of September 2021, users over 150 million make transactions over 3 billion dollars. Since the end of 2017, I am one of the members of Binance. I wanted to share my experience with you because I made a lot of buy-sell, transactions, deposits, and withdrawals without any problem until now.

On the internet, any website is not reliable. We can say that Binance is the most reliable one between the crypto money sites Because Binance takes a serious precaution against hacking by transferring a significant part of your investments to this fund with the emergency insurance fund. It has investors in 7 continents with multi-language support.

Commission Rates of Binance

  • When you deposit on Binance, you do not pay a commission.
  • The standard commission rate for buying and selling on Binance is 0.1% (1 per thousand.)
  • Nevertheless, if you hold a small amount of BNB coins, the commission rate decreases to 0.075%. So, you gain a +25% commission discount.
  • The commission rate will decrease to 0.060% if you become a member with a 20% referral code.

When you withdraw money on Binance, it will take 1$ commission and it is not important the amount of money but the 1$ will return your account after the transaction. It does not charge any withdrawal commission while there is a 1$ commission charge in reality.

How to Generate Binance Referral Link?

“Where can I find the Binance sharing referral link?” I am going to explain with details to those who ask this question. “Homepage > Reference > Create Your Referral Link > Determine the commission discount rate that your friend and you will receive”. In this way, you can generate the referral link and share it with your friends, on your website, or through social media accounts with effective visuals.

The authorities of Binance Turkey (affiliate, sales partnership) can determine a 41% commission discount rate for website owners who have accounts with high economic followers on social media or who have a large number of visitors. Members can share a maximum of 20% of it.

If you have more than 500 referrals after you register Affiliate Program, the 50% commission discount will be defined. When you share 20% of it, your gain will be 30%.

If there is no statement to apply to Binance Affiliate Program, you can still earn money. After the registration, they give a 20% commission discount rate to you. If you like you can share 5% or 10% with your friends on the generate referral link button and you and your friends can earn.

The secret of earning money by the referral code “Patients, Create Content, Share!”

We recommend you to follow the accounts @binance and @cz_binance on Twitter to have information about the Binance instant messages and the coins which will be added to the exchange.

Details: https://cryphodl.com/sign-up-to-binance-with-the-highest-referral-code/

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