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The man behind Donald Trump

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The man behind Donald Trump! Without him, the US president would not have survived politically. Mitch McConnell is the Senate majority leader – and could become Joe Biden’s main opponent if he wins the election.

Actually, Mitch McConnell is a cautious man. In his political career he has mostly acted according to the motto: What you don’t say can’t be used against you. He has come very far with it.

The man behind Donald Trump

Right before Amy Coney Barrett was elected to the Supreme Court, the Republican Senate majority leader dropped his caution for a moment. “A lot of what we have achieved in the past four years will sooner or later be undone by the next election,” he said in the Senate. But the Democrats would “be unable to do anything for a long time” against Barrett’s appointment.

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Anyone who has so far believed in the party political independence of the US Supreme Court should definitely see themselves wrong. Anyone who had hoped that the Senate was the political institution that at least occasionally put the interests of the country before those of their own party was also poorer in terms of an illusion.

Who will win? Trump or Biden?

McConnell is right about this. Barrett’s appeal, carried out at record speed, could secure the power of his party, which already represents only a minority of citizens, for decades – regardless of who is in power.

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The man behind Donald Trump who win biden or trump


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