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Top 10 GameFi Projects on Chainplay

by Financial Economy

The organization named Chainplay, which examines game projects developed with blockchain technology, is getting popular day by day. In Chainplay, which sheds light on the point where game and blockchain enthusiasts come together, the 10 most sought-after GameFi projects by users have been compiled in our content. Here are top 10 GameFi projects on Chainplay… You can browse here for information about Vulcan Forged PYR coin.

Top 10 GameFi Projects on Chainplay

* The list below is definitely not investment advice. Statistical data for Chainplay has been compiled for editorial purposes only.

“GameFi” means that people also get financial benefits while playing games. At the same time, making financial projects more enjoyable by gamification also finds its place in the concept of GameFi. With play to earn (P2E), players can both enjoy the game and earn crypto money for the time and success they spend in the game.

The 10 most sought-after GameFi projects on Chainplay, which allow earning crypto money while playing games, are as follows:

Stickman’s Battleground – Stickman’s Battleground is presented to users as an NFTgame survival game with a win-by-play mechanism. The game’s cryptocurrency code is $STMAN.

The Noxal – Featuring an epic world battling alien invasion and robots, The Noxal is located on the Solana Network. The game, which has 9,999 special NFTs, has managed to become the second most sought-after game project of the last period.

Binemon Apple – Binemon Apple with the Unicorn icon is another project that gives players a chance to win while playing. The token code of the game is $BIN.

Apes Planet – Apes Planet is described by the makers of the project as a complete NFT and P2E fighting game with an integrated metaverse space based on both BSC and Ethereum chains.

MetaOasis – The token code of MetaOasis, which is defined as the next generation game publishing platform that connects Web2 and Web3, is $MTOS.

Formacar – The token code of the project, which combines the automotive world with gaming and blockchain technology, has been determined as $FCG.

Melody – The project is described by its developers as the leading Web3 entertainment and social app platform in the metaverse that motivates users to earn passive income with music creation, karaoke and more.

MAD Metaverse – The token code of the Web3 gaming ecosystem MAD Metaverse is $META.

Vulcan Forged – The token code of the project, which describes itself as the “#1 blockchain game studio”, is $PYR.

Era7: Game of Truth – Innovative play-to-win NFT trading card GameFi project Era7: Game of Truth’s token code is $ERA.

Caution: The information contained in this content is for general informational purposes only. It is not investment advice.

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