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What are G20 Countries? Ranking of G20 Countries 2021!

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G20, one of the international economic organizations, consists of 19 major countries that have a place in the world economy and European Union commission. Detailed explanation about What are G20 Countries, Ranking of G20 Countries 2021 is in the rest of the article.

What are G20 Countries? Ranking of G20 Countries 2021

The G20 consists of 19 countries and the European Union Commission. These countries; Germany, the United States, Russia, Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Japan, China, Indonesia, France, South Korea, South Africa, United Kingdom, Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia, Italy, and Brazil. The national income of G20 member countries is among the top 31 in the world rankings. There are also countries that have a strong international economy but are not members of the G20. These important countries; Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Iran, Taiwan, Venezuela. There are also countries that are members of the European Union but are not members of the G20. These countries are represented by the European Union Commission. You can browse here for blockchain news.

When Was G20 Founded? When is the G20 summit?

The G20 was established in 1999 after the crises in Asia in 1997 and in Russia in 1998. The G20 Group is an economic community established at the level of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors of countries that have an important place in the world economy. The G20, which aims at ensuring international economic stability and relieving the financial order, consists of representatives of globally developed countries and developing countries. While financial stability and economic growth are the main topics in G20 summits, political and current events that indirectly affect the global economy are also discussed. By dealing with money laundering, national security, terrorism, drugs, international organized crime, etc., the situation improvement, troubleshooting and / or minimization studies are carried out.

For details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G20

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