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What is ApeCoin (APE) and how does it work?

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ApeCoin (APE) can be defined as a local government token that strengthens the decentralized community structure of the APE ecosystem. The APE ecosystem includes the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) community, two of the most popular NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain. Information about some topic that what is ApeCoin (APE), how it works, how much is it, how to buy it, which exchange is it available on, APE coin comment, etc is in continuation of the article. You can browse here for information about CargoX coin (CXO).

What is ApeCoin (APE) and how does it work?

The ApeCoin team says that culture, art, games, entertainment and events have found a new expression on the Web3. It is defined as a community-controlled and created token to support future developments in APE. According to the statements made, ApeCoin will serve as a decentralized protocol layer for community-led initiatives that drive culture to the metaverse.

ApeCoin is described as an ERC-20 governance and utility token used in the APE ecosystem to power a decentralized community structure at the forefront of Web3.

How to use APE coin?

APE coin usage areas are as follows:

  • Management
  • Combined expenditures
  • Access
  • Incentive

In addition, it is stated that Yuga Labs, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), APE Foundation, APECoin DAO and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) will work together on the APE coin point.

ApeCoin founders!

ApeCoin is a decentralized project inspired by Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club project. ApeCoin was created for use in the thriving APE Ecosystem supported by the APE Foundation. ApeCoin DAO aims to build and maintain the APE Ecosystem in a fair and inclusive manner by providing an infrastructure for ApeCoin holders to collaborate through open and permissionless governance processes.

APE coin supply!

The total supply of ApeCoin is permanently fixed at 1 billion coins, all minted at the same time.

Which exchange is it avaliable on?

Ape coin is listed on some cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, OKX, Hotcoin Global, Mandala Exchange, Bitget, etc.

How to buy APE coin?

Apecoin can be purchased from listed cryptocurrency exchanges, mentioned above. However, before trading, it is necessary to make sure that the exchange and the cryptocurrency project are “RELIABLE”. It is so important point for investor.

APE coin price!

As of March 18, 2022, at the time of writing, 1 ApeCoin price is around $14,91 (The price can change instantly because of volatility).

Caution: The information contained in this content is for general informational purposes only. It is not investment advice.

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