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What is Aventus (AVT) coin and how does it work?

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Aventus is a layer 2 solution aimed at solving scalability and expensive transaction fees on the Ethereum Blockchain. With the popularization of Ethereum, gas fees increased and the network slowed down even more, so layer 1 solutions like Polygon, Near, Harmony became popular. Information about some topics that what is Aventus (AVT) coin, how does it work, how to buy it, on which exchange, how much is it, etc. is in continuation of the article. You can browse here for information about Nash (NEX) coin.

What is Aventus (AVT) coin and how does it work?

Aventus Network (AvN) is a layer-2 blockchain protocol that brings scalability, lower costs and speed to Ethereum transactions. It enables digital asset issuance, management and ownership, bringing the scale of permissioned blockchains and the security and interoperability of public blockchains without the shortcomings of both.

Aventus Network’s native token, AVT, is used in Aventus’ proof-of-stake based layer-2 solution to provide scalability, speed and cost-effectiveness on the public Ethereum network by aligning the economic incentives of the participants.

Aventus token features!

The platform debuted in 2017. By connecting to the Aventus Network Polkadot Network, it can work with applications on other blockchains. Aventus has the capacity to process millions of transactions per year, arranged to serve at the enterprise level.

The platform network is capable of processing 2000 transactions per second, although this number was quite good in 2017, but considering that there are solana and many other layer 2 solutions with a capacity of 65,000 per second, it is not that attractive.

Which exchange is AVT coin on?

Aventus coin is listed on some cryptocurrency exchanges such as Gate.io, Coinbase Exchange, Hoo, Bittrex, Mercatox, etc.

How to buy AVT coins?

Aventus coin can be purchased from listed cryptocurrency exchanges, like mentioned above. However, before trading, it is necessary to make sure that the exchange and the crypto project are “RELIABLE”. It is so important point for investors.

AVT coin supply!

Total and maximum supply of Aventus coin is 10.000.000 AVT.

AVT coin price!

As of June 11, 2022, at the time of the writing, 1 Aventus coin price is around $1,36 (because of the volatility the price can change instantly).

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