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What is BiLira (TRYB) and what are its advantages?

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BiLira is a digital asset or digital currency that can be used in digital environments. It is a stable coin released in the market as the equivalent of Turkish Lira. TRYB is the abbreviation of BiLira. Information about “What is BiLira (TRYB) and what are its advantages?” is in rest of the article. Information about Ethereum, you can browse here.

What is BiLira (TRYB) and what are its advantages?

BiLira is a stable coin with a fixed price. The value of BiLira is always equal to 1 Turkish Lira. BiLira is pegged at 1 TL = 1 TRYB. TRYB is the digital equivalent of your Turkish Lira balance.

BiLira shows that there is a real Turkish Lira balance in bank accounts for each TRYB, thus 1 TL real currency for each 1 TRYB released to the market. This ensures that you can buy 1 TRYB with 1 TL and always convert your 1 TRYB balance into 1 TL real currency.

The founders of BiLira follow a very transparent policy that there is a Turkish Lira for each BiLira balance. Bank accounts are periodically audited and these audits are shared openly.

BiLira is a stable coin based on the Ethereum blockchain system ERC-20. Thanks to this network, you can withdraw BiLira balances to your own wallets via the blockchain, transfer them to other wallets and spend them anywhere in the world.

BiLira enables real Turkish Lira to be used in digital environment without losing its value. It carries all the advantages of stable coin. BiLira carries Turkish Lira to reliable blockchain technology with its ERC-20 based blockchain.

How is BiLira mining done?

Since BiLira is a stable coin released by a company in return for its real Turkish Lira, it is not mined.

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