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What is Celer Network coin (CELR) and how does it work?

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Celer Network describes itself as a 2-tier scaling platform for building fast, easy-to-use, low-cost and secure blockchain applications. According to the project developers, Celer Network, which is structured off-chain, can work up to 15 times faster than solutions such as Lightning Network. Detailed information about what is Celer Network coin CELR, how does it work, how to buy, how much it costs, etc. is in the continuation of the content. You can browse here for information about Band Protocol coin (BAND).

What is Celer Network coin (CELR) and how does it work?

Celer Network enables anyone to build, run, and deploy rapidly scalable decentralized applications with innovations in off-chain scaling techniques and incentive-aligned crypto-economic mechanism designs. The Celer team has launched CelerX, an application that demonstrates the fast transaction process on the Celer Network. It also has a dedicated SDK and developer portal.

The CELR token is an ERC-20 token on Ethereum that offers multiple incentive systems and multiple functions such as service and transaction fees to off-chain service providers. CELR tokens serve as an incentive to maintain a stable and abundant liquidity pool during the Proof of Liquidity Commitment process. CELR is used in the Liquidity Backing Auction to increase the priority of the liquidity support bids and thus statistically increase the liquidity interest payment.

CELR is used as a membership staking token in the State Guardian Network to maintain state availability, provide connectivity oracle, and act as a dispute state transition calculation engine. CELR token stakers charge a service fee for the various services they provide for the network.

The CELR token can also be used to pay service fee and transaction fee to off-chain service providers. Celer offers a two-sided value proposition for both developers and end users of the network.

How to buy Celer Network coin (CELR)? How much is the CELR coin price?

CELR coin can be purchased from listed cryptocurrency exchanges. But it is necessary to make sure that the exchange is “reliable”. As of September 9, 2021, the price of 1 CELR is around $0.056.

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