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What is D8 Establishment Purpose? D8 Countries 2021!

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Developing Eight, or D8, is an international organization consisting of eight countries. D8 refers to 8 developing countries. The full name of the organization is D-8 Organization for Economic Cooperation. It was established with the Istanbul Declaration made in Istanbul on 22 October 1996. Detailed information about what is D8 establishment Purpose, D8 countries 2021, D-8 Countries Study Areas, etc. are in the rest of article.

What is D8 Establishment Purpose? D8 Countries 2021!

D-8 (eight developing countries), an international organization, was established with the Istanbul Declaration made in Istanbul on 22 October 1996. The founder of this union is Necmettin Erbakan and D-8 countries are also members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. The D-8 flag has six stars, and these stars symbolize the principles of unity. The principles of the union are as follows. You can browse here for blockchain news.

1- Peace, not war

2- Dialogue, not conflict

3- It’s not double standards but justice

4- Not superiority but equality

5- Just order, not exploitation

6- Human rights, freedom and democracy, not oppression and domination

D-8 Countries Study Areas

8 developing countries that have adopted the values ​​of human life as a principle; Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey. In this context, Bangladesh rural development; Indonesia’s human resources and fighting poverty; Iran carries out studies in the field of science and technology. In addition, Malaysian finance, banking and privatization sector; In the Egyptian trade sector; In the Nigerian energy sector; In Pakistan’s fisheries and agriculture sector; Turkey also industries, is to organize work in the field of health and the environment. The economy among D-8 countries, the most developed country is Turkey.

The D-8 formation aims to develop the commercial relations between these 8 countries, which have a specific geographical area, a large population, economic potential and various resources. Creating new opportunities in commercial relations, increasing participation in the decision-making process in the international arena, improving living conditions and strengthening the place of developing countries in the world economy are among the aims of the organization. The D-8 community is not a regional but a global organization, open to the participation of new countries.

For details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D-8_Organization_for_Economic_Cooperation

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