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What is Everipedia (IQ) coin and how does it work?

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Everipedia (IQ) coin is a decentralized information and prediction platform developed as an alternative to Wikipedia. In 2014, the website everipedia.org started its publication life. Later, it entered the crypto money market by producing his own crypto money, IQ coin. Detailed information about what is Everipedia (IQ) coin, how does it work, how much it costs, how to buy, etc. is in the continuation of the content. Information about Ontology Gas coin (ONG) you can browse here.

What is Everipedia (IQ) coin and how does it work?

Created by Christian Deciga, Theodor Forselius, Travis Moore, Mahbod Moghadam and Sam Kazemian, Everipedia is a platform founded in the USA and headquartered in Los Angeles. Everipedia is recognized as a decentralized and crypto-focused alternative to Wikipedia.

It made its biggest breakthrough so far in 2018. Everipedia, which was included in the decentralized finance ecosystem that was only just beginning to spread in those years, signed a partnership agreement with Galaxy Digital. Everipedia has earned $30 million in funding thanks to the agreement it signed with Galaxy Digital. It already has 50 thousand active users on the Everipedia platform. A second bullish point of Everipedia (IQ) coin was its listing on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

Those who contribute to the veripedia platform earn rewards. According to the platform’s statements, IQ Token allows the contributors to the platform to be tracked and rewarded. Also, anyone who owns IQ Coin is considered a stakeholder in the Everipedia Network. Users decide which new articles and edits to add to the knowledge base, using their IQ coins to vote.

Where to buy Everipedia coin (IQ)? How much is IQ coin price?

Everipedia coin (IQ) is listed on many cryptocurrency exchanges and can be purchased from these exchanges. But it is necessary to make sure that the exchange is “reliable and well-known”. As of October 11, 2021, the price of 1 IQ coin is around $0.02.

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