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What is FLOW coin and how does it work?

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FLOW is the native currency of the Flow network and the cornerstone of the new, inclusive and borderless digital economy. If Flow is digital infrastructure, the FLOW token is the fuel that powers the network. Flow is the currency required for the operation of the network and all applications on it. What is FLOW coin and how does it work, how to buy it, what is the price, what is the use, etc. Detailed information about the topics is in the continuation of the article. You can browse here for information about SAFEMOON coin.

What is FLOW coin and how does it work?

Flow network designed by the CryptoKitties team; It is a decentralized, fast and developer-friendly platform. At the heart of the Flow network are NFTs, digital assets, games and applications. Flow users can keep their data under control thanks to the applications available on the network.

Flow has replaced the node system in a standard blockchain network. The work normally done by a node in Flow; It is divided into four different branches: aggregation, consensus, implementation and validation. Thus, transactions on the network take place faster and more efficiently.

The FLOW token powers the Flow network. The application developed on the network, NFT and other digital assets are traded with the FLOW token. Also pay with FLOW when paying transaction fees or voting. In the staking network, FLOW token is given as a staking reward.

How much is the Flow token price and how to buy it? FLOW chart analysis!

As of 02.07.2021, the price of 1 Flow token is around $8.91. The total supply of Flow is 1,344,157,523 units. FLOW token made a splash in March 2021 and greatly increased its value. The price of the Flow token, which made a high premium in March and April, has decreased a little now. The token, which has a bumpy chart, is eagerly awaited by its investors.

For information about crypto currency: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptocurrency

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