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What is JasmyCoin (JASMY) and how does it work?

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With the Ethereum ERC-20 Standard, the goal of Jasmy is to deliver personal data to the rightful owner and to enable a “democratization of data” that is securely distributed and managed. The platform allows data to be exchanged securely, establishing a strong relationship of trust between customers and companies. Detailed information about what is JasmyCoin (JASMY), how does it work, how much it costs, how to buy, etc. is in the continuation of the article. You can browse here for information about TROY coin.

What is JasmyCoin (JASMY) and how does it work?

JasmyCoin is based on the ERC 20 standard. The token can also be used by an unspecified number of individuals and businesses to transfer tokens using digital devices as proof of value exchange or payment for services. By not limiting its usability, the token can have a wide range of purposes.

Jasmy reports that it creates a more secure infrastructure as it enables the exchange of data in a decentralized manner.

  • IoT strategy and management support Jasmy stays in touch with the client company from product planning to assisting with the introduction of IoT and all other ways, generating results through IoT transformation.
  • Providing IoT devices IoT requires an IoT device with functions such as sending and receiving sensed and measured information with sensors, as well as sending and receiving commands for remote control.
  • IoT platform Jasmy provides an IoT platform that can securely and effectively manage information sent from IoT devices, using our own philosophy and the latest blockchain technology.

How to buy JasmyCoin? How much is the JASMY coin price?

JasmyCoin can be purchased from listed cryptocurrency exchanges. But it is necessary to make sure that the exchange is “reliable and well-known”. As of October 29, the price of 1 JASMY coin is around $0.103. (Price may change instantly)

Caution: The information contained in this content is for informational purposes only. It is not investment advice.

For information about crypto currency: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptocurrency

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