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What is Qtum coin and how does it work?

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Qtum is the name given to an open source blockchain project headquartered in Singapore and designed by the Qtum Foundation. Qtum is an application platform that uses blockchain infrastructure. Qtum, which stands out as a China-based project, is also known as Quantum. Detailed information about what is Qtum coin and how does it work, how to buy, how much is the price, etc. is in the continuation of the article. You can browse here for information about Digibyte coin (DGB).

What is Qtum coin and how does it work?

Qtum, which is created with a special algorithm created on Bitcoin Core and Ethereum virtual devices, is designed in a modular, fast and extremely reliable way that works continuously. Qtum aligns with the non-local, diverse and integrated structure between business and the real world.

For Qtum, we can briefly call it a mixture of Bitcoin and Ethereum. For this reason, Qtum ensures that applications run smoothly and securely on the infrastructure it owns, as in Ethereum. In the statement made by the designers of Qtum, they stated that they had two important purposes.

The first of these purposes is to be compatible with Qtum’s infrastructure in applications working with Ethereum’s infrastructure. No information has been given about how they will work to achieve this. They just said it was one of the two most important goals. Their second purpose is liquidity. In other words, it is the conversion of the values ​​​​in their hands into money at the fastest possible level.

The project was announced in March 2016, and a year later, in March 2017, an ICO was held that brought its founders $15 million. The Qtum mainchain was launched on September 13, 2017. Initially, the Qtum coin was released as an ETH-20 token, but was converted to the native blockchain with the launch of the mainnet.

How to buy Qtum coins? How much does Qtum cost?

Qtum coin can be purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges. Trading from reliable and well-known cryptocurrency exchanges will benefit the investor. As of 29.06.2021, the value of 1 Qtum coin is around $ 6.97.

For information about crypto currency: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptocurrency

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