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What is THETA Token (THETA) and how does it work?

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Theta is a blockchain-based new generation video sharing platform. Theta is the first blockchain-based end-to-end decentralized video platform. Theta set out by identifying the problems of video platforms: low quality video publishing, high cost and low profitability of publishing, centralized and inadequate ecosystem. Information about Theta Token and how does it work is rest of the article.

What is THETA Token (THETA) and how does it work?

The solutions provided by the decentralized video platform Theta to these three basic problems are as follows: rewarding viewers with Theta tokens, high quality and low costs. You can browse here for information about Avalanche.

Rewarding viewers with Theta tokens: If viewers share bandwidth and resources, they can earn Theta tokens as a reward and share their earnings with video creators.

High quality: Peer-to-peer decentralized video platform Theta can stream videos from all over the world in a smooth and quality way.

Low costs: Publishers and content producers do not need to develop expensive infrastructures because Theta appeals to all parties with innovative and dedicated business models. The low cost works for all members and means more earnings.

Theta Token’s features are as follows:

  • End-to-end decentralized video sharing
  • Theta tokens created with the ERC-20 protocol
  • Decentralized applications developed for e-sports, movies, entertainment, education, conference calls, distance learning, live broadcasts and more
  • Open source network and protocol ready for use by all developers and partners

For details: https://en.bitcoinwiki.org/wiki/Theta

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