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What is Thunder Token (TT) and how does it work?

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Thunder Token describes itself as a blockchain with its own native cryptocurrency, is EVM compatible and claims to have over 1,200 TPS throughput, sub-second confirmation times, and low gas costs to make deployment and scaling of DApps fast and easy. ThunderToken is the ThunderCore Blockchain’s own token. Detailed information about what is Thunder Token (TT), how it works, how much it costs, how to buy, etc. is in the continuation of the content. You can browse here for information about CEEK coin.

What is Thunder Token (TT) and how does it work?

ThunderCore is a Proof of Stake public blockchain with EVM compatibility. The project aims to solve the blockchain scalability issue with its unique architecture powered by the PaLa consensus algorithm. Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol PaLa is the most performing, efficient and simple in its class. Based on years of groundbreaking research by Professors Shi and Pass.

TT Token is the ThunderCore Blockchain’s own token. ThunderCore is a fast, high-performance Ethereum-compatible open blockchain that provides scalability to decentralized applications with a fully decentralized nature, higher throughput, faster confirmation times and lower costs while using the same language and tools.

In essence, it is a cheaper and faster Ethereum. Its technology opens the door to many potential applications. ThunderToken is to ThunderCore what ETH is to Ethereum. TT Token is used to pay gas prices on the ThunderCore network.

TT Token target is; ThunderCore specifically aims to solve the scalability problem of existing blockchains such as Ethereum. It aims to keep users and developers using their familiar tools (MetaMask), development-application tools (Truffle) and programming languages ​​(Solidity) while solving the problem.

How to buy Thunder Token? How much is the TT coin price?

Thunder Token can be purchased from listed cryptocurrency exchanges. But it is necessary to make sure that the exchange is “reliable”. As of November 30, 2021, the price of 1 TT coin is around $ 0.017 (the price can change instantly).

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For information about crypto currency: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptocurrency

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