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Who is JP Morgan JP Morgan’s views on silver

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The American banker and industrialist known as JP Morgan is essentially John Pierpont Morgan. The name John Pierpont Morgan was used shortly as JP Morgan and it became known around the world when the founding of Morgan took this name. You can find the answers to the questions of Who is JP Morgan and What are JP Morgan’s Views on Silver in the rest of article. You can browse her for 20 Year Silver Chart and 2021 Silver Forecast.

Who is JP Morgan JP Morgan’s views on Silver

John Pierpont Morgan was born on April 17, 1837 in the United States. JP Morgan’s father Junius Spencer Morgan was a prominent banker across the United States. The son, JP Morgan, followed in his father’s footsteps and made a name for himself in American economic circles in a short time. The industrial enterprise that he established jointly was named J.P Morgan and Company in 1895. The company quickly became one of the most important financial supporters of the American Government. When JP Morgan passed away in 1913, he left behind a huge company that bears his name. After the death of JP Morgan, his son John Pierpont Morgan replaced him.

In his speech at the American Congress in 1912, John Pierpont Morgan drew attention to a historical reality by stating that there is nothing to replace money in the world except precious metals. With the statement about silver and gold, “Only gold and silver are money, nothing else”, JP Morgan emphasized that the paper money in circulation today actually makes no sense. JP Morgan made a significant breakthrough in the silver reserve point. In 2018, JP Morgan’s silver reserve rose to 140 million ounces.

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