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How does gold melt, what is king water?

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As it is known, gold is among the most precious metals. In addition, gold has been considered as a metal that does not react with any substance and cannot be melted for centuries. Because there was no solution that could dissolve or melt gold. Until Abu Mûsa Jabir bin Hayyan, one of the Islamic scholars, found the “King Water“. You can find answers to questions such as how does gold melt, what is king water, in the rest of the article. You can browse here for information of gold.

How does gold melt, what is king water?

Royal water is a very strong acid obtained from the mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid. This mixture is a mixture of acids that can react with gold. Since this acid is strong enough to melt gold, it is called king water. It can also react with platinum. In this respect, the discovery of king water is regarded as one of the turning points in chemistry. The Latin name for royal water is Aqua Regia.

Abu Mûsa Jabir bin Hayyân found that acids, which cannot dissolve gold alone, could dissolve gold when they come together. Ebû Mûsa Câbir bin Hayyân, who lived between 721 and 815, is an intellectual who has worked in fields such as chemistry, astrology, mathematics, pharmacy, philosophy, physics and music. Known as the father of alchemy, Abu Mûsa Jabir bin Hayyân had a view, knowledge and mindset that exceeded his time. It is known as “Geber” in the Western world.

What does king water do?

Royal water is used to melt gold and platinum. It is a very important acid used in processing gold, measuring its purity, and separating other metals mixed with gold. In addition to chemists, it is an indispensable acid component for those who are engaged in jewelry, diamond and goldsmith professions.

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