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What is Platinum? Where Is Platinum Used?

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Platinum, which is among the precious metals, has been referred to as the most precious metal for a period. In the 18th century, the scarcity of platinum multiplied the value of platinum, and King Louis the 15th, in a word, wanted to convey its value by saying “the only metal worthy of a king”. Platinum is among the transition group elements. The answers of the “What is platinum, where is platinum used?” are in the rest of article. You can browse her for 20 Year Silver Chart and 2021 Silver Forecast.

What is Platinum? Where Is Platinum Used?

Platinum is a solid, heavy, malleable, grayish and white precious metal, which is shown with the symbol Pt in the Periodic Table, and is among the transition elements. The precious metal, which is used in many fields from jewelry to automotive industry, can be found in some copper and nickel ores. Platinum is resistant to chemical abrasion (corrosion) that damages metals such as calcification and rust.

Platinum is used in jewelry, as almost everyone knows. Almost every woman wants to have jewelery made of this precious metal. In addition to platinum jewelery, it is also used in dentistry, catalytic converters in automobile exhaust systems, wire making, electrodes and thermometers. It is used as a platinum catalyst (reaction accelerator) in the processing of petroleum products and obtaining sulfuric acid. Platinum, which is frequently used in related fields, is also used in the field of health, apart from these examples. In the health field, compounds of platinum called cisplatin, carboplatin and oxaliplatin are used. These compounds have properties to be included in the DNA structure and are therefore used in the chemotherapy treatment of cancer patients. However, this treatment can cause severe damage to the kidneys. Other compounds of platinum are also used in fields such as photography, mirror making, zinc etching, ink, porcelain coloring.

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