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What Is Ruthenium and Where Is It Used?

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Ruthenium, one of the most precious metals in the world, is the lightest of the platinum group elements. The symbol of ruthenium is Ru. Ruthenium has atomic number 44 and is among the transition metals. Ruthenium was discovered in 1844. Detailed information about “what is ruthenium and where is it used?” is in rest of the article. You can browse her for 20 Year Silver Chart and 2021 Silver Forecast.

What Is Ruthenium and Where Is It Used?

Ruthenium is among the most precious metals in the world. Ruthenium, one of the platinum group elements, was discovered in 1844 by the German chemist Karl Ernst Claus. Claus first discovered ruthenium in Siberian platinum mines. Ruthenium is also found in the Ural Mountains (Russia) and America, but to a lesser extent in Canada and South Africa. The use of metal, which is found in small amounts in nature, is also very limited. The symbol for ruthenium is Ru, with an atomic weight of 101.07 and a density of 12.3. Ruthenium melts at 2400 degrees Celsius and is easily oxidized in air.

Ruthenium has a silver color, rough and hard structure. Ruthenium can only dissolve in gold water, and its salts can be 3, 4, 6, 7 valued. These salts are brownish or green in color. Ruthenium tetroxide is a powerful oxidizing agent.

Ruthenium Usage Areas!

Since ruthenium is found in nature in very small amounts and is a dangerous chemical substance, its usage areas are also very limited. Ruthenium is used as a catalyst and in the electro industry. Alloys containing approximately 10 percent ruthenium are preferred in the construction of aircraft. The element found in nature with platinum forms hard alloys with platinum and palladium. The metal used to harden platinum and palladium elements can also be used in eye treatments and measuring the thickness of the egg shells, albeit limited.

Ruthenium platinum and palladium alloys can be used in the jewelry industry. Jewelery such as ruthenium plated rings etc. can be found. It is used in fields such as ruthenium alloys, fountain pen tips, electrical contacts, aviation, petroleum refinery, ceramic and glass paints, film layers, medical devices / instruments, measuring instruments, film layers. Ruthenium is used in the aforementioned areas not in its pure form but in the form of an alloy.

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