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Which Country’s Most Worthless Currency in 2021?

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Many countries in the world are struggling with inflation. Inflation, especially in underdeveloped countries, causes the currencies of countries to depreciate rapidly. The world’s most worthless currency has become the Venezuelan Bolivar as of 2021, due to inflation rates that have recently reached thousands of percent. Information about the world’s most worthless currencies as well as the Venezuelan Bolivar is in the rest of the article.

Which Country’s Most Worthless Currency in 2021?

Venezuela, which is seen as an enemy by the United States in particular, is subject to embargo by some countries, especially the USA. This causes basic necessities not to be found in the country. As a natural consequence of this situation, inflation is increasing rapidly and the Venezuelan currency, Bolivar, is rapidly losing value. This is almost the same for Iran, another country that the United States sees as an enemy and is imposing an embargo. You can browse here for information about the French Franc.

The Iranian Rial follows the Venezuelan Bolivar, which is the most worthless currency in the world, for these reasons. Iran, which the US accuses of “enriching uranium and trying to produce nuclear weapons”, is being subjected to foreign trade pressures. The United States wants other countries not to trade with Iran, and is applying the pressure it can to do. For this reason, the Iranian Rial has also rapidly depreciated in the recent period.

Venezuela Bolivar to US Dollar

In US dollars, 1 Venezuelan Bolivar costs only $ 0.000001. Venezuelan Bolivar is the world’s most worthless currency with this level of value. The value of the Iranian Rial in dollar terms is 1 Iranian Rial as of today (19.03.2021), 0.000024 dollars.

For information about Venezuela Bolivar: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venezuelan_bol%C3%ADvar

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