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Information about Gübre Fabrikaları T.A.Ş! (Exchange code: GUBRF)

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GÜBRETAŞ (Gübre Fabrikaları Türk A.Ş.) was established with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 6 November 1952, in order to “increase the quality and productivity in the country’s agriculture” by supplying chemical fertilizer input to the agricultural sector. It started production in 1954 with its facilities in Iskenderun, Turkey’s first chemical fertilizer factory. Detailed information about Gübre Fabrikaları Türk A.Ş. (GÜBRETAŞ) is in the continuation of the content. You can browse here for information about Convex Finance coin (CVX).

Information about Gübre Fabrikaları T.A.Ş!

GÜBRETAŞ, which has always assumed the leading role in its sector since its establishment, produced Turkey’s first phosphate and compound fertilizer, established the first soil analysis laboratories, became one of the first 15 companies traded on the Stock Exchange, and implemented very important investments and social responsibility projects for the sector.

While approximately 25% of the company is traded on Borsa Istanbul (BIST), the remaining shares belong to the main shareholder Agricultural Credit Cooperatives Central Union, Turkey’s largest farmer family.

GÜBRETAŞ, which has grown by producing added value with its products, services and investments for 69 years, has achieved an important international success as a company from the agricultural sector by realizing “Turkey’s largest industrial investment abroad” with Razi Petrochemical initiative in 2008.

Leading the sector with its field and online agricultural consultancy services, soil analysis training and prescriptions, farmer awareness meetings and model field practices aimed at disseminating conscious agriculture, which it has focused on in recent years, GÜBRETAŞ also supports its leadership in the market with R&D studies. Thanks to the important R&D projects it carries out, it continues to add value to the agricultural sector with conscious agricultural practices and innovative products.

Gübre Fabrikaları stock market information!

Gübretaş exchange code is GUBRF. Gübre Fabrikaları T.A.Ş is traded on Borsa Istanbul Yıldız Pazar. Gübretaş is included in the BIST 50 index. Approximately 25 percent of the company’s share are traded on the stock exchange (BIST).

Caution: The information contained in this content is for informational purposes only. It is not investment advice.

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