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What is the Ukrainian currency? Information about Ukrainian Hryvnia

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Ukraine, which was under the rule of the USSR until the 1990s, was not a developed country, but was under a strict communist economic system. With the dissolution of the USSR and the declaration of Ukraine’s independence, the economic revival started in the country. Ukraine has been using Ukrainian hryvnia since 2 September 1996 as its currency. Detailed information about the Ukrainian currency Ukrainian Hryvnia, which has been in circulation for years, is discussed in the following.

What is the Ukrainian currency? Is There a Ukrainian Ruble?

Ukrainian currency is hryvnia. Due to their old habits, people over a certain age in Ukraine can refer to their currencies as Ruble. However, in Ukraine, the Russian Ruble is currently only a foreign currency and the Ukrainian currency is the Hryvnia. Ukrainian Hryvnia is issued by the National Bank of Ukraine. You can browse here for Malaysian currency.

What are Ukrainian hryvnia banknotes and coins?

Ukrainian Hryvnia banknotes are as follows:

  • 1 Hryvnia
  • 2 Hryvnia
  • 5 Hryvnia
  • 10 Hryvnia
  • 20 Hryvnia
  • 50 Hryvnia
  • 100 Hryvnia
  • 200 Hryvnia
  • 500 Hryvnia

The Ukrainian sub-currency is known as “kopiyka” (копійка). 100 kopiyka is equal to 1 hryvnia.Ukrainian Hryvnia coins are as follows:

  • 1 kopiyka
  • 2 kopiyka
  • 5 kopiyka
  • 10 kopiyka
  • 25 kopiyka
  • 50 kopiyka
  • 1 Hryvnia

How many dollars and euros in Ukrainian Hryvnia?

The Ukrainian currency is a low-value currency against the dollar. At the current exchange rate, 1 Ukrainian hryvnia is 0.036 US dollars. Ukrainian Hryvnia is also a low-value currency against the Euro, and 1 Ukrainian Hryvnia at the current exchange rate is 0.030 Euro.

For details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukrainian_hryvnia

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