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What is Iridium and where is it used?

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Iridium, one of the most expensive metals in the world, is the first precious metal after rhodium. In other words, the second precious metal in the world is iridium and it is more expensive than gold and platinum. Iridium, one of the transition elements, is represented by the symbol “Ir” on the periodic table. The answers to the questions such as what is Iridium, where is it used, what are its properties, are given in the rest of the article. Information about the ruthenium, you can browse here.

What is Iridium and where is it used?

Iridium is among the precious metals. Iridium with an atomic number of 77 exists in a solid state in nature. The color of iridium, which has a very hard and brittle structure, is metallic white. Its color can also be called silvery white. Iridium from the platinum family is defined as the second element with the highest density. It shows great resistance to corrosion even at a temperature of 2 thousand degrees Celsius. Some salts and halogens, which are liquefied (melted) in solid state, can erode iridium in blocks. Iridium, which is split and pulverized, can be more reactive and more flammable.

The annual production and consumption of iridium, one of the most precious metals in the world, is only 3 tons. Therefore, it is used in special scientific and industrial applications. Iridium is found in a high proportion in the structure of asteroids. It is abundant in places where asteroids (asteroids) hit the earth, and it is rarely found on other surfaces. Iridium CAS number is 7439-88-5, Iridium symbol is used as “ir” or “IR”.

Iridium is used in private industry and medical studies. It is used in science, pencil making, and contact making in the automotive industry. In addition, iridium used in automobile and motorcycle spark plugs is also used in compass production. Iridium 192 is a radiation substance. Iridium can be fatal in the hands of the knowledgeable and inexperienced person.

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