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Jim Rogers: Bitcoin’s Value Will be Zero

by Financial Economy

Celebrity investor Jim Rogers thinks the value of bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, will go down to zero

Celebrity investor Jim Rogers said there was still a bubble in Bitcoin, that eventually its value would go down to zero and disappear. Noting that bitcoin is in a bubble as early as 2017, Rogers noted that all cryptocurrencies will eventually disappear.

“Those who use cryptocurrencies think they are smarter than their government,” Rogers said, according to The Cointelegraph, based on the famous investor’s interview on June 19th with Aera dot, the publication of Japanese newspaper Asahi. I actually think they’re right. But their government has something that people who use cryptocurrencies don’t have; guns. The reason I think cryptocurrencies will eventually disappear is because governments don’t rely on their armed forces.” said.

A November December 2017 report by the Ayroca Cointelegraph said Rogers had said Bitcoin “looked and smelled like a balloon” before its $ 20k peak in December 2017.

Rogers said, ” cryptocurrencies didn’t exist a few years ago. In the blink of an eye, they became 100 times, 1,000 times more valuable. This is clearly ballooning and you don’t know the right price. Virtual money is not an investment target. It’s just gambling.” said.

Rogers ‘ views in the AERA dot interview are reminiscent of those of Buffett, who said in February that cryptocurrencies are fundamentally worthless.

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