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Trump vs Biden Polls 2020 Who Will Win?

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Trump vs Biden polls 2020 who will win? According to the latest surveys; In the US Presidential election, Biden caught and passed Trump. According to the Quinnipiac University poll, Democrat candidate Joe Biden’s vote rate rose to 52 percent, while those who approved Trump fell to 37 percent.

Trump Falls, Biden Rises

In the national survey conducted in June, Biden’s voting rate was 49 percent. Trump’s voting rate was 41 percent. By July, the picture changed completely. According to the survey results from registered voters, the rate of those who supported Joe Biden rose to 52 percent, while those who approved Trump fell to 37 percent. This seems to bother Trump.

Biden Ahead in CNN Survey!

In the survey conducted by SSRS Research Company for CNN television with 1259 people on June 2-5, the percentage of those who liked Trump’s presidency was 38 percent and 57 percent did not. The remaining 5 percent did not express an opinion. In the surveys conducted by the same company in May, the support rate for Trump was 45 percent.

In the survey, 31 percent of respondents stated that they liked Trump’s way of dealing with racism, while 63 percent said they did not like it. However, 43 percent of the participants who were asked “who would prefer if elections are held today” said that they would support Trump. The percentage of those who said they would support Trump’s Democratic rival former Vice President Joe Biden was announced as 55 percent. Current news is here.

Are the Surveys Right?

It is said that Biden can easily win the election if the orientation in the questionnaires proceeds in this way. However, in the last election, Trump, who was shown behind in almost all the polls against Hillary Clinton, won the election by signing a big surprise. It is not interesting that Trump, who is shown behind in many surveys in the face of Biden, also misled these surveys.

When is the US Presidential Election?

Democrats will officially announce the presidential candidates in the city of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, on the week of August 17. Besides, Biden’s candidacy seems to be certain.

The congress, where Republicans will nominate Donald Trump, will be held on August 24-27. Trump vs Biden Polls 2020 Who Will Win?

The name that will win the election on November 3, 2020, will sit on the chair of the White House on January 20, 2021.

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