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What is BoringDAO coin (BORING) and how does it work?

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BoringDAO is a decentralized multi-chain bridge and Bitcoin Layer2 solution that offers a secure way to maximize the utilization rate of Bitcoin and other crypto assets. BOR Coin (BORING) is the native utility and management token of the BoringDAO platform. Detailed information about that what is BoringDAO coin (BORING), how does it work, how to buy it, which exchange is it available on, how much is it, etc is in continuation of the article. You can browse here for information about CargoX coin (CXO).

What is BoringDAO coin (BORING) and how does it work?

BoringDAO describes itself as a decentralized asset bridge to facilitate access to all blockchains. BoringDAO uses a series of decentralized bridges or tunnels that allow Bitcoin and other crypto assets to be moved securely between Ethereum and different blockchains to maximize the utilization rate of crypto assets in the DeFi world.

BOR Coin (BORING) is the native utility and management token of the BoringDAO platform. Each crypto asset has its own decentralized and two-way cross-chain “tunnel” controlled by the DAO. When users use these tunnels and move their non-ERC20 tokens (like BTC and LTC) cross-chain, they are rewarded with BOR.

BoringDao purpose!

BoringDAO’s goal is to help DeFi expand its compatibility in the DAO format. BTC, LTC, BCH and other blockchain assets and their excluded side tokens can be converted into a decentralized and securely wrapped token (ERC-20 token) with low fees. These assets could join the wider world of DeFi on Ethereum and eventually usher in a whole new era of open finance. The creation of BoringDAO expands the existing DeFi environment powered by DeFi and aims to eventually serve as an important infrastructure that connects DeFi applications to the wider crypto world.

BORING coin price!

As of March 22, 2022, at the time of the writing, 1 BOR coin price is around $558,85 (because of the volatility the price can change instantly).

Which exchange is BORING coin avaliable on?

BOR coin is listed on some cryptocurrency such as Gate.io, SushiSwap, etc.

How to buy BOR coins?

BORING coin can be purchased from listed cryptocurrency exchanges, like mentioned above. However, before trading, it is necessary to make sure that the exchange and the crypto project are “RELIABLE”. It is so important point for investors.

BOR coin supply!

Total supply of BORING coin is 200.000 BOR.

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