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What is KeeperDAO coin (ROOK) and how does it work?

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what-is-keeperdao-coin-rook-and-how-does it-work

KeeperDAO is a cryptocurrency that runs on the Ethereum platform. KeeperDAO has a current supply of one million and works as a protocol that covers applications such as content, clearing, trading and lending, as well as managing content such as rebalancing, liquidation and arbitrage found in decentralized finance applications. Information about on what is KeeperDAO coin (ROOK), how it works, how to buy, how much does it cost, which exchange is it on, etc is in continuation of the article. You can browse here for information about Aurory coin (AURY).

What is KeeperDAO coin (ROOK) and how does it work?

KeeperDAO is similar to mining pools for Keepers. KeeperDAO provides an efficient mechanism for large-scale arbitrage and liquidation across all DeFi protocols, promoting a game theory optimal strategy for collaboration among on-chain arbitrageurs.

KeeperDAO (ROOK) is a cryptocurrency and runs on the Ethereum platform. Keepers borrow from a common pool of compatible assets. Anyone can borrow from the pool to take advantage of the deals in the chain. Profits from the chain opportunity are returned to the pool. Profits are distributed between Keepers and Liquidity Providers (LPs). Liquidity providers are anyone who invests assets in the liquidity pool.

The purpose of the application is to evolve by maximizing the profit rather than the value determined by the miners. The app’s custodians allow for coordination to collect the miner’s received value. In this way, it is aimed to maximize the profit obtained from the transactions while aiming for mutual gain.

ROOK coin supply! KeeperDAO coin price!

The circulating supply of KeeperDAO coins is 617,636 units, with a total supply of 1,226,310 ROOKs and a maximum supply of 1,500,000 ROOKs. As of January 5, the price of 1 ROOK coin is around $162,37. As it is known, the volatility in the cryptocurrency market can be high, so instant changes in price may occur.

How to buy KeeperDao coin and on which exchange?

KeeperDao coin is listed on many cryptocurrency exchanges and can be purchased from these exchanges. But before trading, it is necessary to make sure that the stock market is “reliable”.

So which exchange is ROOK coin on? KeeperDao coin is listed on exchanges like FTX, Bitget, Gate.io, ZT, etc.

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